Introducing Spark AR and how to implement AR with your business

angshuman sett

19 Sep 2019
Hi everyone,
Hope you had a good weekend. Self-promotion alert we just crossed 78k views on our Durga Puja video. Hope you liked it.
Let’s begin our podcast with a famous quote by Vipin Sahu – 500rs 1000rs lelo bus humara podcast viral karado.
So, you all wanted to know the name of the tool, didn’t you? Where you can create those amazing AR filters. So its an software build by facebook the name is spark ar.
Facebook launched spark Ar in the 2017 Ar conference. It was only available for mac’s initially but recently they came up with the windows version too. Its a software not an app, just clarifying this bit.
  • you can go to download it
  • there is a site called sketchfab and you can download 3d models from it and use it to build your AR filter
Now let’s give you some facts and figures about AR and social media
-did you know that 1 billion people have had a AR experience in the last year?
-Snapchat is the pioneer in terms of AR filter
Snapchat also has a platform to create AR filters, that’s called “AR studio”
It is more user-friendly and currently, it has more guided in-app tutorials
This time we have a guest on our show. Her name is muskan deora. Muskan is going to tell you a bit about ar in business
Go ahead and introduce yourself muskan.
Hey everyone
I am muskan, I am a student of JD Birla institute currently in 1st year studying Hons.
I am currently perusing digital marketing certification course at NIHT digital marketing.
its been a great journey so far. Here learning is FUN.
Why am I on this podcast. because I wanted to. (this line is courtesy of Subhodeep sir)

Now let’s discuss ar. shall we

AR in Business-
  1. The augmented reality market is expected to grow up to a whopping $90 million by 2020.
  2. Experts claim that almost 50% of business revenue would be sourced directly from the sale of AR hardware.
  3. Shoppers Stop Example– The brand targeted shoppers in the catchment area by announcing the presence of an unclaimed KENDALL + KYLIE Bag somewhere inside the store, and a chance to claim it, with the only catch being that the bag was in fact, not real! Users were asked to locate the bag and claim it by posing with the virtual bag and sharing their image/video on Instagram
  4. Gucci’s AR try-on app
  5. Toyota – vehicle demo
Why Ar is important for marketers?
  1. Brand awareness
  2. engagement
  3. audience retention
  4. sales

see in you the next one 

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