Why Baby Boomers are making better use of Youtube than gen-x?

angshuman sett

3 Feb 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A day without internet is highly unthinkable, especially for Millennials and “Generation X”. They have dedicated every part of their existence in social media. However, Social media is not subjugated to age, its consistently used by everyone to reach people regionally and internationally. It’s vouchsafed that the number of Senior citizens or “Baby Boomers” is exceeding the youngsters when it comes to the networking of social get-together. 

Who are Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers, also known as Me-Generations are born between 1944- 1964. The idea of the internet back then was nearly unheard of. They are a worthy part of our population who are old enough to explain to us the ways of the world. 

After their superannuation, it has been noticed that the Baby Boomers turn nostalgic about their past. Their dependence on social media takes a positive turn. Although their generation has gone through a lot of social and ideological changes; it’s not easy for them to understand and access the technology related to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Contradictorily, the exception lies with Youtube.

  • Youtube is Convenient to Use 

Youtube is handy and has a visual literacy that is easily acceptable and memorized. Since more and more people are fond of visual entertainment, our senior generation is no exception. Baby Boomers are the well-of generation of our society who unlike Millennials, don’t search for any random content.

average time spent on internet by boomers

Their choice of topic is quite serious and sentimental. It’s a shame that the advertisers are targeting Millennials and Generation X to drive most of the traffic even if they have the least interest and money to engage themselves in. 

  • Youtube is an Attribute to Memories

Back then, when our Baby Boomers were young and full of life they were equally fond of entertainment like us. Nevertheless, their source of visual recreation wasn’t as swift as ours. Starting with the love for Beatles, Civil Right Movements to infamous assassinations and medical discoveries; it was a controversial age. 

People recall their times when the cable and radio had a strict connection with time, even the repetitions were very limited In case they missed it. Now, with the onset of Youtube, they can relive the live concert of Elvis Presley that aired back in the 1950s.

  • Youtube Promotes Do-It-Yourself Strategy

Most of the Boomers have been a part of a workforce that hasn’t been close to the Internet altogether. With time to time, the Boomers find themselves in a situation surrounded by curiosity and confusion. The younger generation with their quick grasping nature has not been very patient with their seniors. 

Therefore, with Youtube people don’t have to ask for any help; the easy and user-friendly format has been helpful in being self-dependent. It has been observed that the boomers are searching for various gadgets and technology-related items. This also paves the way for Tutorial videos, Product-review videos, Testimonial videos, Presentation videos, etc.

  • Youtube is a  Real-Time Saver

Normal movies and soap operas take forever to win back the interest which was once created out of the critical observation of the viewer. That too, with the repetitive commercials that sometimes promote ridicule. On the other hand, the viewer’s time is properly managed on Youtube.

 Be it 10 minutes or 2 hours; You’ll always have something intriguing to watch supported by your preference. It’s not as though the video generating platform has dismissed advertisements. The difference lies with the alluring topics and the advantage of skipping the over-hyped propagandas.

  • Many Babyboomers are turning into Entrepreneurs

Retirement is not easy for people who have a fascination with work. A good lot of people find it difficult to adjust to their new situation. Some people intend to visit places while others try to relive their passion for writing, singing, designing, etc. 

Youtube is a good medium to promote their passionate dreams. They have not only been successful Youtubers but has also inspired the viewers to pursue their dreams, eg:

  • Judy Graham is nearly 80 years. She is an active Youtuber and her channel name is “ knitting tips by Judy”. She had been ardently knitting ever since she was a lively teenager. She makes tutorial videos related to knitting and has over 46,000 subscribers and more than 16 million views.
  •  Atwaka is almost 85 years old but his passion for gaming never got old. A babyboomer from Kazakhstan, who runs a gaming channel called “АТАШКА”. He principally plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has more than 80,000 subscribers and 1.3 million views.       



  • Mastanamma is a legend. She is 106 years old and actively contributes to the Youtube channel “ The Country Foods” in making several delicious cuisines. The channel has reached a new level in recognizing traditional food. Mastamma has almost 100 million views with 600,000 subscribers altogether. 


Uncovering the Myth of Baby Boomers:

They might be of our grandparents but that doesn’t mean we will make them feel more ancient than they are. It’s offensive to call them old and It’s necessary to present the documentation of people living life to the fullest and enjoying themselves.

 These stories turn quite popular among the youngsters and the senior citizens and grab everyone’s attention. The internet needs to respond equally to their interest and lifestyle.

  • 109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile is a Short Film about a war veteran who proudly states that he can still walk, still talk and still drive. His life is a complete adventure as he still continues to smoke through his pipe and carry on his rifle. 


  • Elderly Advice On Modern Life is another short video that suggests the enthusiastic participation of funloving babyboomers who describe their key to a long and happy life. Most of them are around 90 years of age. They spoke about the close visits and contact people made before coming in contact with smartphones. However, they are equally happy about the new technology and they accept learning about it bit by bit. They recall their era when people honored their commitment and want to teach the younger generation the same.

The above-discussed points easily describe the multitude of Baby Boomers who are the key to good traffic and maximum insights. Their addiction to Youtube is worthy of praise and attention. It is, therefore, a massive opportunity for marketers to expand their business by keeping pace with the Boomers.


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