Why should you choose Digital Marketing as a career option?

angshuman sett

12 Feb 2020


What is ‘Digital Marketing’?

Digital Marketing has risen as a successful career from the past years. However, people are often unaware of the term ‘Digital Marketing’, most of them simply think of it as using the internet and selling things. Well, that is just a part of it.

Digital Marketing is a fast and new way of approaching customers with the help of the Internet, Social Media platforms, Search Engines, mobile devices, etc. It is an excellent process of creating advertisements where you tend to promote your brand through digital channels like social media, e-mails, websites, apps, etc. Digital Marketing is better than traditional marketing because of the direct communication and participation of the customers. This generates good feedback and makes the client and marketer satisfied.

Assets that are used in Digital Marketing as marketing tools, build the growth of the online business of the company and client. Marketing assets are customized contents such as :

  1. Websites, domains.
  2. Video Content
  3. Images, infographics, company photos
  4. Witten contents
  5. Social Media Pages

These assets need to be protected as they are the pillars of building the online presence of any business and company. We’ll read about them in the further sections. 

Why must you opt for Digital Marketing as a career?

More than half of the world is now online, hence if you want to be a part of building relations with customers and provide for their needs with creativity, strategy, content then you have to switch to a Digital Marketing career.  Here are valid reasons to support my statement.

statistics of digital marketing jobs in india

  • High Salary- Digital Marketing industry is coming forward with new opportunities and updates every year.  Hence there is a high chance of earning good compensation for smart and creative people. 
  • Get Placement across the Globe- If you have acquired the skills and understanding of digital marketing then you can get placed anywhere in the world. Every country is trying to establish it’s growth in Business and IT industries. Countries like Australia, USA, Canada are already reigning the web world. Therefore Digital Professionals are always in need. 
  • Potential Job Growth- There are several designations in the Digital Marketing Industry. Based on your specialization and experience you can easily apply for that post. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a US-based fact-finding agency that had estimated that the job growth rate will be 9% higher by 2024 for the advertisers, managers, marketing promoters, etc.
  • Freelancing opportunities- The best thing about Digital Marketing is that you can work from home and still be a millionaire. The USA has the first rank where most people are making money through freelancing. A good portfolio, expertise, persistence, and communication skills are important to excel in freelancing competition.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Few examples:  Carrie French is a Portland-based Freelancer who works as a copywriter and earns  $310,000.

                                   Danyal Saleem is a Pakistan-based graphic designer who earns ₹20,000 per month.

  • Excessive demand for Digital Marketers- Marketing is no longer subjected to door to door service, distributing brochures, selling magazines, etc. The familiarity with social media has increased the competition on a global level, but you cannot be a good marketer without understanding consumer behavior and focusing on technical skills. 

What is the work of a Digital Marketer?

Digital Marketers promote the products, generate leads, creates brand awareness, run campaigns through various digital channels like SEO, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, social media, paid search, etc. Digital Professionals also identify the weaknesses that hinder the marketing of the business. 

female marketer working on desktopDigital Marketing is teamwork where everyone works for a  promotional goal. It’s a team of Strategists, Content creators, Data Analysts, SEO Specialist, Social Media managers and many more. Everyone makes the best use of their proficiencies to execute the finest performance that would make the client and people happy.

Developing Marketing strategies– A business without unique goals cannot go for long. Therefore marketing strategies are actions based on consumer behavior and research.

Content Creators-  They are the creative wizards who create attractive content, prospects to engage and attract quality customers and clients. Contents keep us informed and attached to the product or brand we are interested in. Contents are created via Video, PPT, Infographic, Carousel, articles, blogs, etc. Contents help in strengthening the brand’s existence.

SEO Specialists-  SEO specialists analyze and make changes to your business website based on which website will rank on the top searches of your search engine. They are the keywords experts who have in-depth knowledge of SEO copywriting.

Social Media Managers- About 2.65 billion people are engaged in social media so why not make proper use of it? Social Media Managers are responsible for administering the brand through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  They monitor the followers, respond to the audience’s feedback and create campaigns to uplift the online presence of the brand.

Career Journey of a Digital Marketer:


If you want to earn a good name in the Digital Marketing industry and make clean use of your skill sets then these careers are good to go

salary statistics of digital marketer in india

  • PPC Marketer- PPC stands for Pay Per Click, the PPC marketer makes bidding for ad placements in search engines sponsored links. They maintain, review the account responsibilities associated with  Google AD words, Bing, Yahoo for different clients. They observe and evaluate search performances across the big search channels.
  • SEO Analyst- If you have mastered the trend for using correct keywords then, ‘SEO Analyst’ is just for you. You ought to have critical thinking, good writing, and speaking quality. SEO analysts provide SEO assistance in coordination with the structure of web pages. Research and administration of social media tools to match the client’s social media strategy. SEO analysts perform the Monitoring of web analytics dashboards(reporting Interface), key reporting tools and figure out the basic areas of importance in accordance with the client goals.
  • Copywriter- If you have good writing and interpersonal skills then Copywriting is your cup of tea. To begin with, Copywriters are creative thinkers who generate words, captions, scripts, slogans to outstand the advertisements along with visuals. A copywriter is very regular with the client’s plans and what’s trending among the audience. They discuss, plan and assist in brainstorming the visual and written contents.
  • Content Writer- A heavy researcher and good with write ups? Content writers are writers who combine the detailed information collected via online, interviews and sources to show the products and services the company offers. They associate closely with the content management team to understand and use the editorial style that the company prefers. 
  • Digital Marketing Strategist- A Digital Marketing Strategist is responsible for meeting the needs and management of the digital strategy of the client’s brand. He is supposed to have deep knowledge and understanding of the objectives, online strategies, etc. They work with project managers to ensure if the team is aware and connected to the client’s requirements or not.
  • Web Developer- If you are a code junkie then hop into express your creativity. A web developer creates amazingly designed, efficient codes by using best software development practices. They create a striking website layout prepared by using standard HTML and CSS languages.
  • Graphic Designer- Graphic is doing wonders in the Digital World. Graphics are important to increase product marketing and sales. Graphic Designers make interesting and captivating visuals using computer software. They determine the project by keeping in mind the client’s requirements. They use both texts and images and update their innovation with the latest software update.
  • Social Media Manager- Social Media Manager is an important part of the digital world. They implement, plan and manage the social media strategies of the company. They measure the performance of the campaigns and recommend changes to increase the online presence of the business and company.


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