Value of Digital Marketing Certification

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19 May 2020

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other resources to reach customers for your product and services. Digital marketing is the whole new venture to reach all the customers out there on any of the means aforesaid and understand their behaviour.


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Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital marketing allude to any online marketing assets, marketing your company online is a big deal these days and why not? Internet usage over the past 10 years have increased to twice the time compared to before. More than advertising online, the most important thing is understating human behaviour and knowing what set of audience is influenced from the advertisement and how many of them would actually want to purchase any product or service by being influenced. It is more like connecting and then influencing your audiences. As the massive audience have moved towards this new trend, it has become a necessity for the companies to shift to the digital platform for marketing and sales of its product and services.

Who is a Digital Marketer?
Digital marketer is someone who uses digital channels to generate lead campaign and create brand awareness and attracts traffic to the website. Beyond this, he should also be capable of using measurable analytics to identify all the weaknesses and the drawbacks and also be able to find out the rival company’s strategies of digital marketing and rectify the problems and improve the digital performance of the company.


digital marketers creating campaignsHow does a certificate differ from a Certification?

Certificates are short-term, professionally oriented credentials awarded by any educational institution based on completion of specific course. Certificates are usually completed in one year of academic study or so.

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Certification is awarded by an independent body, often trade or industry associations, and usually involves an examination process. Because certifications are independently verified, employers often use them as a check on whether an applicant has the talents or competencies needed. In particular, employers use certifications when the talents involved are technical and don’t align with traditional degrees.

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What Increases the value of Digital Marketer’s Certificate?

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A digital marketing certificate is considered to be legit or appropriate only when it has been successfully completed the course and gained professional certification stating that you have the appropriate skills and abilities to the relevant knowledge in your field of expertise while demonstrating your ongoing willingness to learn and gain new values in the future.

To end up with the importance of digital marketing certification, here’s the key point:

Professional Recognition: In today’s world, adapting the changes are of utmost importance. Employers want employees to be taught about the real world’s practical knowledge as it applies to the industry.
Practical knowledge: In the era of internet, being a worm won’t be of help anymore. Skills and ability should be practical enough to apply it where-ever required. Being limited to the certification won’t lead you anywhere.

What are the benefits of obtaining a professional digital marketing certification?

The value of a digital marketing qualification to a career is immeasurable. Whether you have experience in the field or you’re just starting out, there is value to be gained.

Staying on the top of all developments: Certifications help you keep on top of new developments in the industry as they occur. With innovations in technology constantly emerging, continually upskilling will help you stay on top of these advances.

Employability: A recent study suggests that college graduates don’t seem to be as ready to enter the workforce as they think they are. Having certifications that show potential employers that you have the practical knowledge you need to succeed in your job is invaluable in this context.

Promotional Opportunities: Digital marketing involves such a various cross-section of skills. Adding one or two specialities to your niche can assist you to advance quickly during a company.

Demanding a higher wage:  Your earning potential as a digital marketer is high. It is one among the highest ten earning jobs that does not require a degree. Every certification that you simply increase your resume adds to your ability to demand a better wage and provides you with the arrogance to understand that you deserve it.

Set yourself apart from your peers: When all else seems equal, the number of certifications you’ve compiled will set you apart from your competition. It is not just that you have the certifications and the skills that come with them, but it demonstrates a drive for self-improvement that speaks highly to your character.

Offers legitimacy: The reality is that there is still a lingering mentality that formal education is important. A digital marketing certification is where education and practical knowledge converge. It meets the requirement of post-secondary education that focuses on teaching you the things you will actually need to know in the real world.

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