Facebook Ad Manager vs Boosting Posts: Which One Would you Prefer

angshuman sett

23 Feb 2020

A business can be strong and successful if the effort is equally added to promote and propagate it through various methods. In the contemporary trade environment, business is spreading its wings through the digital marketing platform. Social Media in particular; half of the world is connected to social media which not only engages our attention but keeps updating new and creative features. Therefore people are investing their time and money in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to give a head start to their business.

 The two fastest ways to advertise your brand and promote your unique goals  on Facebook are:

  1. Boosting Post 
  2. Facebook AD Manager

Boosting Post-  In Facebook, boosting a post is a simple method by which you promote your add by spending money to get more audience of your choice. Suppose you created an interesting post on the timeline of your page. You will simply have to click on boost post option that further lets you understand the target audience who would be interested in the content.

Facebook Ads- In comparison to boost posts, Facebook Ads are created through ‘Ad Manager’ and have greater customization and analytics options. Understanding the algorithm behind the Facebook Ad manager is a little complex but it’s going to be successful in the long run.

What is the difference between Boosting Post and Facebook Ads

how to boost facebook post

  • Boosting a post on Facebook is a short method to create quick brand awareness. The boosted post is displayed in the news feed section. A post individually cannot reach a good target audience when the page is new or unpopular. Therefore Boosting ensures the fact that your post reaches the interested audience.
  • As soon as the post get’s boosted on Facebook, it gets approved by reviewers. Furthur the budget for the campaign needs to be set. The selection of the budget is completely your choice. Boosting does not provide any assistance in setting the strategies for spending money to advertise the post.
  • Boosting is generally done to highlight the brand’s awareness through likes, comments, and shares. Posts related to Videos and Images are generally shared. Boosted posts in news feed can be placed at Instagram news feed for better performance. 
  • Facebook Ad Manager is used for fulfilling specific objectives and has more options than boosting posts. Facebook ads have a note of sponsorship in the advertisement unlike the boosted posts that appear anywhere, be it newsfeed, images, videos, etc.
  • Facebook Ad Manager focuses on providing the audience with advanced targeting options that tracks engagements, defines specific campaign goals. It not just chooses target audiences but also makes specifications based on age, gender, interest, demography, language, etc.
  • Ad managers have better formatting qualities than regular boosted posts. The options of slideshow, carousel, instant experiences promote the creativity of the advertisements that gains more audience attention
  • To run a proper business the use of ‘likes, shares, and comments’ is not enough. Facebook Ad Manager leads to App installation, lead generation, store traffic, video views, and shop orders, etc.
  • Social Media marketing budget on the Facebook ad is not as simple as boosting posts. The campaign is based on strategies such as budget, bidding, and scheduling. Selection of proper budget by defining the overall amount spent and the cost of each result that you get.
  • Ad Manager also takes care of the fact that no extra money is spent with the help of campaigning spending limit and account spending limit.

How is Facebook Ad Manager more successful than Boosting Post

facebook campaign dashboard

Security of Data is in safe hands 

Online Marketing has access to innumerable data and pieces of information. Data’ are the building block of successful business management. Competitors and illegal hackers are always trying to get hold of or access to these reports. Facebook Business Manager plays a crucial role in providing security. You can monitor the roles given to every employee and keep a record of the changes made and the mistakes of inexperienced employees. 

Management of all activities with Unified Dashboard

A dashboard is needed to gather and store information about the services provided in the management system. Dashboard aids in organizing pages, making changes, advertisements and keeping track of the audience, etc. The real-time monitoring (Provides quick reaction and tracks continuous updates) subtracts the long invested hours of communication and analyzing details that might have been a hindrance to the earlier strategies.

Multiple Features and tools of Facebook Business Management

facebook ad manager registrationFacebook is updating its strategies and making the ad manager more and more user-friendly and efficient. Therefore you must understand and make thorough use of these features in every needed proportion. You might know some of them from here:

Third-Party Tag Integration- A snippet of Javascript code that impacts the performance of the site. The advertisers can implement the Facebook pixel without interfering with the code of the website.

Creative Hub- It’s an innovative method of creating Mockups for advertisements. Creative Hub lets you stand out in making a significant appeal and also makes you aware of the strategies used by Grand Tycoons of business. There are multiple ways by which Creative Hub can glorify your Facebook ad. For example; exploring new ad formats, sharing ideas with the team, managing mockups, Clarify the approval of image-based ads, etc.

Image text check Tool- Facebook suggests that images containing 20% text perform wisely. Image Text Check tool makes sure that the word limit and characters are written accordingly. Too many texts will lower the rate of appeal and approval.

Audience Insights-  Apart from Facebook Analytics the interaction and behavior of the audience can be adjusted through the Audience Insight tool. You can customize your potential audience by going through Facebook page usage, Interests,  demographics, page likes, etc.

Ad Scheduling- Advertisers mostly prefer to make beneficial use of their Lifetime budget(campaigning budget) by scheduling their ads in the selected hours. This helps in gaining engagement and keeping track of the hour which is profitable for the business.

Frequency Cap- Sometimes unnecessary exposure and reach can create unnecessary hurdles. If you want to get rid of such a situation then Frequency Cap can resolve the problem. This tool records the fact weather the ads are appearing too frequently or not because that affects the conversion rates.

Control over Ad Campaigns – Clients can have full control in managing the Ad campaign of the Facebook page. The evaluation of Ad account, applications, management of schemes and partners, etc, all the functions are done under good supervision of the management team and client. You can manage all kinds of interaction with the clients. 

Setting Up of Business Account Manager

  1. To begin with, you must head towards the setting of account Ad Manager account: 
  • Go to business.facebook.com
  • Click on “Create Account”
  • Enter the  name for your business, 
  • Select the Facebook Page for your account 
  • Type your name and work email address.

2.Navigate the Facebook Ad manager by 

  • Set up the ad campaigns 
  • Managing and modifying the media 
  • Setting up the target specific audiences
  • Monitoring performance of campaigns metrics

3. Selecting Ad Objective related to Awareness Campaign, Consideration and Conversion Campaign.

4. Selecting your audience based on location, age, education, interest, behavior, etc. The audience targetting helps you to distinguish between the Custom audience, a Lookalike audience, and Saved audience.

5. The next step is to proceed with the budget and estimating how much you should spend on campaigns.

  • CPC: Its an advertising model, that describes the price you pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns.
  • CMC: Cost per mille is a form of measurement in advertising.

6. Running the advertisement in the Mobile news feed, Instagram and various other sections. Deciding the display of the advertisement in formats like Carousel, Single Image, Video, Slideshows, etc.

7. Almost done, the next step is to Selecting of image and building the copy, however, you have to keep certain things in mind like:

  • The main text would be around 90 characters
  • Headlines are supposed to be up to 25 characters
  • The description of the link is up to 90 characters



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