How to become a great social media marketer

angshuman sett

27 Nov 2019

In the field of Digital Marketing, there are quite a lot of prominent roles an individual can play. Among these, one of the major roles is Social Media Marketing. You can segregate a social media marketer’s profile based on the level of responsibility he/she handles. These are some of the job descriptions that can define a social network marketer:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Social Media Strategist 
  • Social Media Executive

There are many more social media marketing roles that can define this job profile.

Each of these job descriptions has their individual expertise and their own area of work. But all of them contribute to one factor and that is to hold up a business/ brand’s social presence. All of the above job roles have certain qualities in common. These qualities are what differentiates a good social media marketer from a great one. 

Here are some tips to become a successful social media marketer:

   1.Ability to write copy

A great social media manager must have the ability to write out-of-the-box creative and ad copies. Creative/ Ad Copies can be defined as the text that goes on a creative content that makes the image/ video even more interesting.

On these particular posts, looking at the image only makes very little sense, but the text on the image defines what the message is. An excellent way to demonstrate the message a brand is trying to portray is to combine it with the content itself and this is what writing creative ad copies is all about.

   2. Graphical Intelligence

 A social media person must be acquainted with different types of graphics and must understand the quality of the design. It’s their role to work with the graphic designer to create excellent content that is both pleasing to the eye as well as makes you think. Here is one great example of intelligent and creative graphics that satisfies both the above conditions.

 The above pin excellently describes the product and what it does. What a creative way to showcase the product.

   3. Customer Skills

Customer handling and building good relationships with them is an important role for a content media marketer. It is their responsibility to provide details to users looking for information and nurturing them and turning them into a brand’s advocate. Not only building relationships but also handling customer grievances is done by a social media marketer. Online Reputation Management is an important part of the role where you manage the reputation of the brand and curb down negative reviews and publicity. Twitter is one of the most important social media sites to do the same. Here is how top brands manage their customer grievances. 


    4. Testing and Experimentation

It’s necessary for a social media marketer to test and experiment with content. They never stick to a single line of content and instead test them out. Testing helps them understand what kind of content is working the best and if something doesn’t work they can find an alternative or update the content. Experimenting, on the other hand, dictates trying out new stuff that aligns with the overall social media strategy and can stand out from the crowd. Being outright bold and experimental can sometimes be positive and sometimes not but that’s exactly what the marketer does to test out their ideas.

    5. Planning and Implementation

Great social media marketers always have a strategy planned out. It is this planning that decides a brand’s online social media presence and how actively they tend to follow them. Planning the content for an entire month is always done in advance with the help of a social media calendar. The calendar includes all the content ideas that can be executed during a month or over a custom time period. The content includes utilizing the business’ products or services through various content types across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. The content might also include trending topics revolving in and around social media as well as utilizing social media holidays and correlating them to the business identity. The challenge, however, is to implement the plan in case there are multiple social platforms to handle.

I guess I have been able to paint a clearer picture of what skills a social media handler should possess. There are lots of subsequent requirements needed to be a social media manager but being a great one requires a lot of practice and consistency. The expertise area sounds interesting, right? I bet it does.

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