Instagram Reels : How Brands Can Make Use of it?

angshuman sett

15 Jul 2020

Reels : What’s the hype is all about?

Instagram has lately introduced a new feature called REELS. This is the new video format in India. The format offers a new way to create and edit short videos that will be of the length of 15 seconds with audio, filters and other new creative tools. This feature aims at re-conceptualizing the future of entertainment.

Since TikTok is mostly known for its in-built filters, green screens and special effects, Instagram had to bring in something indistinguishable. This feature thus comes in with new built-in tools so that users can edit their videos. Right now, only four features are available. However, as Reels rise up, more will come along.
The features Instagram reels currently contains are:

  • Audio
  • Speed
  • Effects
  • Timer

Reel: The Substitute of TIKTOK?

As soon as the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps as TikTok, Helo, Vigo videos facebook instantly decided to release this specific feature REELS on Instagram. So, the perfect answer to this question is: YES, it is a replacement of TikTok amongst the Indian audience who were relying on short video apps that are mentioned above. Instagram’s REEL feature is presently available to the users of only four countries: Brazil, France, Germany and India as this is under the testing process and may change accordingly. However, Instagram REELS is believed to be available worldwide soon, as it can be the cause of a great source of revenue generation to Instagram through brand advertisement.


Impact of Reels on Brands

This new feature of Instagram is the most upheaval change and will make the app more wide-ranging. It may even gain back its audience and get TikTok users back to Instagram. However, from the brand’s point of view, it may not be the show stopper.
REELS is obviously one of the many other features of Instagram, but it all depends upon the brands how they use it, how they assimilate REELS to their digital marketing strategies and if this new feature is help them to get their required outcome. In the end, the brand completely depends on the tone of voice and content.
Some brands may struggle to cope up with the new Instagram features. But nevertheless, there are a lot more features and tools over Instagram to use. The brands do not need to try hard to get in with the new trend of Instagram.

Importance of Reel for Video Marketing of Brands:

Video is a resourceful and intriguing content format that not only gives us a big picture of what is going on; but is also easy to share across multiple platforms. Consumers find it irresistible because it’s easy to absorb, entertaining and interesting, and marketers are passionate about it because it can provide a potentially huge return on investment through many channels.
Content must be informative, descriptive, catchy, attention-grabbing, summarized and focused. Though still pictures can derive attention of the audiences, people tend to stop and stare at moving objects, these movements cause a great engagement to the posts, there’s still a “but” to it, and that is, the video must be short but should leave behind a great impact to the minds of the audience.

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Reels and Marketers:

Reels is much more in the instant than feed post or stories. It represents an opportunity to increase and brand authenticity and transparency. Brands will be able to connect with users and their followers in new ways, which may be more effective than the one they use presently.
Instagram Reels is a new feature that marketer will need to learn about, play with and adapt to. It may become a huge marketing tool for the businesses and thus cannot be ignored. Most consumers seem to prefer video content. So, Reels will empower brands to form this on Instagram.

Instagram Reels may seem intimidating at first and some brands may be reluctant to use it. Should the feature not fit a brand’s tone of voice, there are plenty of other features to use. However, Reels represents a great opportunity to improve authenticity, transparency and communication. Later on, it may become a great advertising tool too.

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