Things to know about social media marketing – Before starting your career

angshuman sett

15 Feb 2020


What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a  marketing technique that uses social media sites to promote and obtain traffic. Social Media provides multiple benefits for prospective clients and business start-ups; that have a long-lasting stand-in growing business, engaging attention, building Brand Advocates, leads, etc. About 2.65 billion people are connected to social media and it’s possible that the buyer is already scrolling through your brand say in the newspaper, stores, website, etc. They might be interested as well, but, since you haven’t responded to them instantly, some other brand will replace the buyer’s interest. Therefore, social media is a platform through which you can directly communicate with your customers and complete their needs.

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In simple terms, your business cannot survive without Social Media in contemporary times

There are about 10 popular social media sites that have created a benchmark in the digital marketing world. Starting with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, and Tiktok. 

Social Media Marketing involves posting graphically developed images, quality videos, written content and other forms of updates that can maximize the brands’ awareness and generate good traffic. 

Why should you go for Social Media Marketing?

social media emojisSocial Media is an essential part of Digital Marketing. When marketing was new and was flourishing, advertisements and its promotions were reduced to  Television, magazines, and newspapers. It took away a lot of effort, time, tantrums and money and the results were not effective as such. Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, is cost-effective, takes less time and the efforts are well invested since people are available in social media 24/7.

Companies are looking for Social Media Experts to carefully plan and execute the power of social media in the growth of their business. Countries like America and Australia have provided maximum job opportunities to the social Media Experts and India is moving forward to join the queue.

        High Salary- Social Media Marketing industry is coming forward with new opportunities and updates every year.  Hence there is a high chance of earning good compensation for smart and innovative people. 

        Get Placement across the Globe- If you have acquired the skills and understanding of Social Media Marketer then you can get a valuable placement anywhere in the world. Every country is trying to establish it’s growth in Marketing and IT industries. Countries like Australia, USA, Canada are already reigning the “Social Marketing” world. Therefore Social Media Professionals are always in need. 

         Potential Job Growth- There are several designations in the Digital Marketing Industry. Based on your specialization and experience you can easily apply for that post. The job growth rate of Social Media users will reach over 3 billion by 2021, hence the demand for Social Media Marketers is considerably high.

         Freelancing opportunities- The best thing about Digital Marketing is that you can work from home and do well in earning. Countries like UAE, South Korea, Taiwan has incredible Social Media penetration, as a result, many people are doing well upgrading the client’s business. A good portfolio, expertise, persistence, and communication skills are important to excel in freelancing competition.

What a Social Media Marketer does?

working social media marketerSocial Media Marketing has evolved to a greater level but many people are still unaware of the work of their work. What do they do all day, is it as simple as posting images and videos in Social Networking Sites? The answer is ‘NO’. The responsibility of managing the company’s social media presence lies heavily under the supervision of Social Media Marketer.

  • Thorough Understanding of Social Structure

Sometimes back, mainstream social media networks were revolving around Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc. But now with the rise of competition among social media sites, we as users have a lot of options to choose from. In order to sustain their position in the top list, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram go through a lot of updates from time to time. Therefore as Social Media Marketer, one should be aware of the new algorithms, features, and rules. 

  • Understanding the characteristics of various Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Tiktok, Quora; these three platforms are different but immensely popular. We can find a large number of audience gathering on these sites. We need to understand consumer behavior as to what kind of people are reaching, what are they looking for, what are they interested in, etc.

  1. The kind of content users are looking forward to
  2. The most compelling content.
  3. The demographics of the user
  4. How people associate with the contents
  •  Analysis of the Audience & Buyers Persona 

Social Media is flooded with the audience. But you have to understand and target the prospective one who will be interested and value your brand and strategy. Familiarity with the customers helps to monitor their views, feedback, habits, etc. 

Every individual has a different perspective, needs, and choices, therefore, a marketer must evaluate the “buyer’s persona”. They are the ideal customers who can easily understand the content, product development, behavior, etc. The methods to create a great Buyer Persona are:

  1. Evaluate prevailing customer Base
  2. Combine Customers by similarities
  3. Associate personas with actual people
  • Valuing Social Listening

Monitoring the online conversation of the users for better understanding the things people are saying about the brand, enterprise, competitors or any topic that can be of value to your business. Uber was able to establish a far-reaching effect by keeping track of the experience of the rider and likewise optimize their brand regularly.  Therefore if you don’t have a social listening strategy then you’ll run out of valuable insight about the audience.

  • Using Social Media Analytics

The marketers of social media have access to many kinds of data. Social Media analytics is the technique through which these data are gathered from social media websites. Based on the business and its objective the Social Media Analytics are of 4 types:

         Descriptive Analytics: Descriptive analytics describes the social media data in the form of visualizations, reports, and clustering to follow a business problem or an opportunity.

         Diagnostic Analytics: It is an advanced form of analytics that evaluates contents and data to answer “ why did something happen”. Its distinguished by techniques such as drill-down(Breaking key problems), Data mining(examining pre-existing database) and correlations.

          Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics is used for accumulating social media data to understand future events. They ask “what will happen”.

          Prescriptive Analytics: It is a data analytics that tries to suggest the best possible action in order to handle a scenario, available resource, performance from past, etc.

Career Journey of social Media Marketer

recruiter is hiring digital mareketers1.Social Media Marketing Manager

The responsibility lies in communicating with clients and organizations with the help of social media websites. This is your kind of work if you have the potential to display your creativity and innovative methods via social media. In simple terms, a social media manager maintains the company’s social media advertising and marketing. The potential skills required to become a Social Media Marketing Manager  are:

  • Thoughtful planning, strategy, and proper goal setting
  • Expansion of brand awareness and online reputation
  • Content management (including website)
  • Understanding  the Inbound traffic
  • Gathering of leads and sales

2.Social Media Marketing Executive

A social Media Marketing Executive takes care of all the Social Media functions in an organization; this includes social media channels, team members, campaigns, etc. They help in the brand’s promotion by getting engaged with customers and gaining their satisfaction.

  • Managing Social Media Channels
  • Creating Brand Awareness
  • They structure the behavioral aspects of ideal customers
  • They analyze social Media campaigns with the tracking system to understand the fluctuations of improvement and deterioration.
  • Planning marketing strategies to ensure traffics.
  • Keeping a record of social media influencers.

3.Social Media Marketing Specialist

A social media specialist is the one who defines, exhibits and incorporates social media strategies.  A social Media Specialist communicates directly with the customers through an employer’s social media account. They take charge of the client’s social media account and plan and create various strategies. They have a high possibility of salary packages and companies are hiring them in a great deal.  The duties of Social Media specialists include:

  • Creating social media strategies.
  • Expanding the employer’s presence on social media platforms.
  • Developing content topics that the users find attractive.
  • Create, manage, and distribute content through social media and other forms.
  • Following the conversations among users.
  • Reviewing the design of landing page of social Media
  • Managing online reviews and reputation building.
  • Working with other departments to promote brand compatibility.
  • Analyzing the metrics and strategies to grow marketing opportunities.
  • Monitoring the social media activities of the client’s competitors.


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