Popular Rules of Online Video ad Engagement

angshuman sett

8 Feb 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every year, we discover new innovation and ideas create some wonder about the content in digital marketing. Content is the king of digital marketing, but when the content is surpassed through videos; the opportunity of engagement is really high. Video is a more acceptable and effective form of substance that is finding a good space for business and marketers. If you are a follower of  social media then ask yourself “ have you ever spent a day without scrolling a video on the internet?” I guess not, it’s not easy to skip videos. In fact, through visual explanation, you can hold on to your customers for a longer period of time. That’s why the involvement of Video along with written and image content can take your business to a new level.

Engagement is possible only when the viewer is passionate about the subject. Hence you don’t have to wait for a block in a broadcast program. Gone are the days when television had to propagate  “ Must watch” and ‘ Dare to Miss’ slogans to captivate the viewer’s attention and time. Back then options were limited hence people had to agree with whatever they saw for the sake of entertainment and knowledge. But now the tides have turned, you can create your own personal and far-fetching prime time that would be solely according to your needs and passion. The best example is Youtube, it not only meets the demands of people but also keeps everyone keenly interested in the sharp contents uploaded on it on a regular basis. Since the demand for Youtube is high its responsibility towards evolving a new also rises.

 1. An Eye Catchy experience

Viewers have turned very particular towards their preferences, therefore it’s necessary to be attentive towards every detail big or small. A small question or a handful of variations might trigger the interest of the watcher. A quick example of ‘ The Chuck Taylors or Converse Chuck Taylors Shoes’ makes the commercial more compelling and tacky with remarks. Chuck Taylor was a model of casual shoe developed in the early 20th century. It has a great history accompanied by great service back in the world war days to the fashion vistas.  A popular sensation from Stranger Things “Milli Bobby Brown” has collaborated with The Converse Shoes to deliver pink and attention-grabbing color. 


 “ This girl came up to me and said, ‘are you wearing sneakers to an award show?’ and I was like  “Yep, yep and that’s right… wear what’s comfortable not what society tells you to wear!” 

This video reflects the coziness of the actress when she is inside a car with her sneakers in the most me-time position. She shares her story with a lot of ease and everything seemed very natural and flexible. Another example is that of an Airtel Ad that promotes Opensignals Survey  ‘The best video experience only on Airtel’ The woman genuinely speaks and provides her own opinion about the standards of a good network related to Music, SMS, Profile Pictures and above all videos.

 2. Honesty towards the Idea

Another reason for the Internet’s huge exposure is because it makes us all keen and self-dependent. From simple necessities like making the bed, draping clothes to advanced help like repairing a laptop, explaining complex topics; Youtube is there to assist everyone. More and more people are switching towards the Product Review videos and Unboxing Videos, Challenge Video, etc. 

Unbox Therapy-Where Products get Naked


This channel started on December 21st, 2010 ended up having 16.1 million subscribers. But this product opening is more like sound therapy where the YouTuber showcases a variety of underrated tech products. The camera focuses on the uncovering of every little thing with a special focus on its unheard features, reviews, and tricks, etc.

The Good Mythical Morning- With Rhett and Link


This channel was started by two enthusiastic people who are truly into Unbelievable things, eating, exploring surprising new product trends, etc. They started their channel on 17th September 2008 and are still continuing with 16 million subscribers. A particular video shows them tasting a protein bar. They present their challenge videos in a funny manner drenched in-jokes like

“ Who would put the workout stuff on Instagram” – Terrible Narcissus!

They also mention the sugar content and methods to eat it the large and small-sized protein bar that one can take or avoid in a workout session.

3. Flexibility in Relatability

If the content is good then the chances for relatable interest are under high scores. Users are sincere towards watching the content that suits there interest and at the same time, users are truly intrigued about who is promoting the product and what profession, place or culture, etc. These things matter a great deal. For example, The quality of Tie might be very industrious but if the campaign is delivered by a towering business tycoon or an actor then formal wear will reach 7th heaven and everyone will try or research for it.

‘Dreamz’ by Turkish Airlines


Airplanes have always been a thing of enchantment for the children. This was a truly special commercial that cherished the dreams of the not so well of children who are fond of airplanes. Their dreams are however worthy of every respect. The commercial also specifies the culture and patriotism of Turkish Citizens. The video ends with the happy wink of the captain of Turkish Airlines towards the awestruck faces of children. Flexibility in demographics and the culture intrigued millions.

4. Creating a Youtube Tribe of Your Own

Subscribers take an interest in the channel because of the enticing contents and the Youtubers’ creativity to glorify his visual masterpiece. But that is not enough to sustain good feedback and the long legacy of the channel. It’s, therefore, necessary to create a bond with your followers this not only boosts up your channel but also helps you to analyze the audiences’ point of view.

  • Q and A video are also known as Question and Answer sessions in a live stream platform. People easily satisfy their curiosity by connecting easily with the master of the channel with many questions.
  • Giveaways- This is considered one of the most popular methods to get closer to the watcher folks. Youtubers organize various contests for the submission of maximum entries of the followers. The lucky ones are eventually presented with gifts and vouchers as giveaways.
  • Meeting with the subscribers- When the Youtuber gains immense recognition; they arrange for a meet-up. This might end up in a “Youtube Fanfest”, although it’s not easy for the foreign-based subscribers to attend the fanfest easily.


Some aspiring Youtubers or rigid owners don’t find it important to establish a beyond visual friendship. “Trust me they won’t get far with their success if they continue doing so”.

Youtube has made our life easy while focusing on the amount of knowledge and entertainment we sustain from the videos prepared by the hard and creative labor of the online video makers. Long engagements can last long only when certain rules are kept in mind. The focus should be equally divided amongst the ingenuity of ideas and fulfilling the requirement of the viewers. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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