Surprising Facts about Virtual Reality Aiding Medical Miracles

angshuman sett

24 Feb 2020

Medical science never gives up over anything. It has the potential to find new resources that sustain life and create wonders. Everything is fast-paced and successful; a complicated surgery or discovering a deadly infection. Looking back to the classic centuries is scary when the medical practitioners have used painful and handmade visuals to get accuracy. Now Virtual reality has taken over the medical. It has made everything easy and jaw-dropping. We find a fascination; where the doctors and patients enjoy their share.

The use of Virtual Reality is quite new in the medical stream that is being used for multiple purposes. It creates a great distraction from pain when it comes to doctors injecting kids and adults sensitive to needles and IVs. Its being used by the senior patients who remain in bed rest for a considerably longer period of time. This boredom and emotional trauma are virtually swiped off by the technology of Virtual interface. 


Let’s focus on the points that have given rise to ‘Virtual Reality’ in the Health Care World

Karuna VR and Chronic Pain Management

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Medical VR’s Mechanism of managing chronic pain


In contemporary times, most of us suffer from some kind of ailment. An accident or some major medical issue leads us through an insufferable pain. The patients condition their thoughts in a negative way. They hardly believe that doctors can actually end their agony.  Karuna VR is a building embodiment of virtual reality that reactivates the brain to produce healthy thoughts. Sometimes emotions,  and behavior overpower the brain too much. It’s a mini therapy that has some guided exercises, some informational facts. Karuna VR training is a vital part of the process where the patients will be able to see their own selves performing exercise on a virtual screen using a headset. Yet there would be some alteration that would distract the patient and heal their fear of mobility. 


“I am more aware of what could cause pain and how to trick my brain into not focusing on the pain and use alternative thought methods to take away the pain” 

Watching the Surgery Live 


Witnessing an operation is scary for some and quite fascinating for the others. The surgical instruments specified for different organs and cases is quite a scene. The VR has brought the same site before us; its more prominent and informative. This invention has helped thousands of medical aspirants who want to perform accurate and successful surgery. 

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It’s not easy for students to peep through the doctor conducting an operation and appearing on an examination 4 months later with no chance of practice. 

Through VR they can witness the lively operation anytime and anywhere. It’s way better than the traditional techniques when books and pictures were the only remedies. The med students become more adaptable to new medical techniques that facilitate innovation through VR. They learn new skills and methods without actually harming patients. New practitioners get nervous when a situational emergency hits the emergency room. The depicts the exact situation virtually and lets the practitioner work calmer and effectively.

Creating a Relaxing Ambience for the Patients

Patients have a lot on their minds as they make a visit to the hospital. This overthinking process can ignite anxiety and harm the mental and physical well being. Most of us are afraid of the thought of getting pricked by a surgical needle or contracting a terrible health condition. The case get’s worse when it comes to children and pregnant women; who prefer natural birth. VR is making peace with the painful experiences and making various efforts to relax the patients.  In the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where patients visit regularly for their blood count. The children are taken to the room where they are engaged in a playful game. They have collaborated with Applied VR which in turn creates a highly enjoyable game that shuts down the incoming pain signals. The doctors share the feedback stories of the kids

“ most of the time we hear the kids saying that by the time you are going to do it I have already completed a level” This concludes the fact that the VR has erased the fear and created a happy experience for the patients.


Childbirth is a painful process and it takes a lot of time starting from the contraction stage to the final delivery. Some women find it extremely painful and request the use of epidural to get rid of the pain. But some prefer to go through the agony as there is always a chance of side-effects. VR has stimulated a relaxing process that diverts the painful situation of labor. The mother becomes completely distracted from the passing hours of labor. The relaxing visuals create an enchanting atmosphere of relaxation and peace. 

Empathizing with the loneliness of the Old patients.

Being old is not easy!  Once a strongly built person turns into a weak and lonely one; it’s not easy for them to accept the change and or get accepted by the contemporary generation. This harms them emotionally and physically. For the most part, many suffer from immobility, heart-attack, chronic pain, accidents, etc. It’s very important for medics and junior doctors to create a healthy and positive vibe amongst the senior patients. Therefore they are switching to VR that enables them to simulate being a patient with age-related health issues. The doctors carry on their interprofessional communication through virtual Reality and process it much better when it comes to emotional circumstances where the patient becomes too shocked to hear about his/her condition.

Turning a Boring Conference into an Exciting One

Conferences are time taking and extremely boring in general and health conferences are no exception. Sometimes the speaker uses his creativity with Presentations and bullet points to enlighten the listeners but that never works for long. Therefore the public engagement and retaining capacity become next to none. Likewise, students tend to miss some of the most enticing information and case studies that could otherwise have been useful for them. Compare a simple image of a heart and a huge virtual heart with its loud beating sound floating around you. Which one would you rather prefer? Dr. Brenen Spiegal is an expert in digital health diagnosis; he is also the founder of @virtualmedconference. He has presented some of the most jaw-dropping symposium dedicated to virtual reality in Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.


Virtual Reality has a gripping effect on patients and healthcare-related people. Doctors and researchers are collaborating with each other to secure and safeguard their patient’s health using VR in treatment procedures. Here is  quick wind up of the benefits of Medical VR,


  • Reduce surgical time
  • Reduces the training cost
  • Improves Communication level
  • Uplifts safety of the patients
  • Motivates and entertains the patients

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