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What Influencers Market, Audience Buys

angshuman sett

30 Apr 2021

Nowadays, it has become so easy for us to connect with our favourite celebs on social media. We get influenced by them just because we like their work and start following them. Brands see this fan-celeb relation as an opportunity. They target the fan-favourite influencers and pay them to promote their products. Well, I find it so amazing that people buy things by seeing one promotion video of any product. What about you? Let us know.

From all these things we get one more component of social media marketing which is Influencer Marketing.

What Actually Influencer Marketing is?

Well if we go with the informative description, Influencer marketing is a form of collaboration. A business collaborates with a renowned person to promote products, services, or campaigns. Too formal? Right? Today we use Instagram more. Have you seen your fav influencer promoting any product? They’ll say for the product and describe its worth, this is Influencer Marketing. Isn’t it amazing how silently it works? Just one post and the brand gets their customers.

Growth of Influencer marketing

If we go back in time, becoming an influencer was a little because you would’ve gained some decent followers if you get featured on the explore page. But don’t worry, you can still become an influencer today, but that’s all on you how well you present your content. Small brands do give a try on upcoming influencers, because for two major reasons:

  • The content is really good and the audience is liking the influencer as a good person.
  • And obviously, big influencers generally do not endorse small brands.

Well in the coming year’s influencer marketing will grow more. Because for brands this is an effective way to grab traffic.

Creating Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing. So similarly, it requires deliberate targeting and planning. So let’s see what all things you have to keep in mind while creating Influencer Marketing tactics.

1. Which Influencer to choose

Well, it’s digital marketing guys, research will always be the first step. Research for the platform you want to promote your brand. Now when you’re ready with a platform, see which influencer you can approach easily. You can approach big celebs but they might charge a good amount of money. So, accordingly, you’ll have to categorize whether you choose influencers with a big or decent number of followers. I would suggest first try to make people aware of your brand and then go for big heads.

2. Budget and Management Strategy

You can hire influencers for marketing. But how much to pay them? For this, you have to have a proper budget plan. Running a proper Influencer Marketing campaign is not that easy, it requires constant follow-ups. Once you properly strategize everything, now let everything work, and all you have to do constant checks whether everything is running smoothly or not.

3. Goals

   Before finalizing the deal, you must be very sure about your goals. Whether you want brand awareness or want more sales. Once you have decided on your goals, you are good to go for Influencer Marketing campaigns. Make organic posts and branded content with the influencers you choose and get your niche audience.

4. How to Contact Influencers

So firstly let’s get back to step one that is research. As you might have done your research firmly and found your ideal influencer. Now the question comes, how will you contact them? There are many ways, you can simply DM them. Or many of them had their E-mails given for collaborations. See everything depends on research. Whether the influencer you’re trying to contact is legit or will he/she promote your type of brand. Many questions arise but the answer is only and only research. My friend, research is a very important key.

5. Review your Strategy

 Even if your Influencer Marketing campaign is running, you’ll have to keep track. Whether you are achieving something within the date fixed. You’ve to keep records of your day-by-day progress. It becomes important because if something doesn’t work according to the plan, then you can improvise it.


In conclusion, see influencers are there. But firstly, you have to come up with a good plan for a great Influencer Marketing campaign. And the concept of Influencer Marketing will drastically change in the coming years as more and more numbers of entering into Influencer Marketing and similarly, there are many people pushing their own content to become an influencer. So demand and supply condition is perfectly matched. Enough of information, come on go and make a great strategy, you have to win this race.

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