Why your website needs a Landing Page?

angshuman sett

21 Sep 2020

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page of a particular website that a customer can land on. In the marketing domain, it’s
generally a standalone page, totally separate from your homepage or any other web page, which
provides single and focused purpose. In brief, a landing page is a self-contained web page, established in
a particular way for a marketing or advertising campaign. It is a web page where a visitor “lands” after
clicking on a link in from an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
on the web.

A landing page is a web page where visitors set down and see what your brand offers that you’ve
made in your content. Basically, landing page follow a move to a visitor becoming a customer. Your
website landing page notifies you to make a trade, like you can say special offer, some information or a
deal, and provide contact information.

Landing pages can be clickable, carry off to another page like your e-commerce website, or lead
generation based. Lead generation landing pages usually provides items like a free trial, contest entry,
eBook, or any webinar registration and after the submission they’ll provide contact information. A perfect
landing page will do its work by persuade a prospective clients and that is paid off to share personal
details in exchange for what you offer. This web page you can check over a random search or via your
company website, more and more the probability is that a prospective clients will conclude there.
If you want to use home page as your landing page, make sure that you may lose essential sales leads.
Always remember that your website home page is configured for general purpose and it actually
describes your business progress or what it doing, and why you do so firmly. Note that your home page is
the wind screen.

It’s not necessary to have only one landing page, rather marketing master will surely suggest you to
maintain several landing pages, targeted for different customers. Unlike web pages, which has several
goals and encourage analysis, landing pages are developed with a single goal, which we call as a call to

Benefits of having a landing page

  •  Landing page can strengthen conversation

Yes, a perfect landing page can actually strengthen conversation with your target audience. Your
website contains important information that make and impact to the visitor’s verdict to adopt decision
accordingly, a perfect landing page will do the same. There are many circumstances where a
prospective client’s first communication with a brand arrives from organic search and paid search as
Landing pages are very essential for customer interaction, work as a primary brand interaction, and
there is a window of opportunity to develop skilled leads through form fillups.This page also sets up a
clean action for user’s to take and makes decision accordingly, which is called as call to action, and
due to this you will see more of that conversion. Landing pages gives a rise to your business
conversations or deals more typically to more client’s and thus increased amount of money for your

  • Landing Pages Generate Data and Insights:

Once you link a landing page to a piece of content or a particular campaign, or source, you can see
which communication channels are bringing up the most leads, trendy topics and offerings are of
most interest, or what sort of campaigns are the performing maximum. Then this data about their
online actions will allow your sales team to identify the most lucrative leads to follow up on and give
them insight into their behaviors for sales calls. They will know the pain points, desires and needs of
the customers before they even begin to engage in a sales call with them. Ultimately, this will help
to improve sales.
If you have a landing page for your website, it will allow you to catch up leads, only when accurately
set up, they will also make you watch current leads behavior online and establish how they
communicate with your business. Landing page of your website do track visitor’s behavior which can
generate valuable insights. These insights will promote you improve your skills of your target
audience and your campaign policies, and improve your overall performances. The data about
client’s online actions will allow your sales team to identify the most profitable leads to track and
give them insight into their actions for sales calls. They know the customers’ needs, desires before
they start to involve in a sales call with them, which will improve sales.

  • Improve Paid Search Campaigns-

A landing page mostly created for an advertising campaign, to nurture relationships on your
site as well as to develop more business communication .A booming SEM or paid search
campaign relies on click through rates, and click through rates are controlled by landing
pages. Let’s say, we usually use SEM campaign to bid on keywords just to have a business
appearance when target audience search “embroidered cushion cover” into any search
engine. That particular ad link could be your site subpage or homepage on your website,
and that will only get trigger to people to your website. Through a landing page, you can
generate several leads.
On your website landing page customer will search for information only about what they’re
researching about, what they like to do , that they will call your business and then it will
become a new lead. As landing pages are developed differently from the main page, there are
generally no choice to navigate, push the visitor’s to focus on the custom message to the
conversion goal. The most essential parts of a perfect landing page is Use of color and featured
images, calls-to-action, and a lead generation form these all above will help to increase

  • Promote new products and services

There are several option to promote a new product or service for your business growth.
If your company has to the launch a new software that will be linked with your product
platform. It’s not easy to find a way where to start and which methods of promotion will
end up with the best outcome.
If you’ll do a bit of research, there are several inexpensive techniques to promote your
business. If your customers are faithful towards work they are an essential part of
promotion of your product, as they are the one to not only buy it, but to promote as
well to their respective networks.

Most online developers offers many product or service. It is always fruitful if you create
a precise landing page for every single product or service. Click-through landing pages
are also known as Product landing pages or post-click landing pages which aim to
inform. These pages put forward detailed information about the product or any offer
related to that, and also create a CTA button so that visitor’s can click on that and then
it re-direct to another page where the actual conversion shows up

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